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Focused Pathways to Canada and USA

Many Canadian provinces including Quebec offer business and investment immigration pathways. British Columbia and Quebec offer the most desirable pathways.
Applicants are required to come to British Columbia initially on a 2 year visa, and are then nominated for permanent residence when requirements of a Performance Agreement are met. Applicants must show they have the skills and ability to establish and operate a business, own at least a third of the business, and actively participate in the day to day management and direction of the business. An Eligible Business is one that is operated for the primary purpose of earning profits from active income through sale of products or services and has a good potential for sustained commercial viability. Applicants must sign a Performance Agreement with the BC Province. The applicant has the option of starting a fresh new business or purchase an exsiting business. The processing time for applicants buying an existing business is much faster, ie: 8 to 9 months.

Performance Agreement
If your application is approved, you will be required to sign a Performance Agreement with the Province of British Columbia. The Performance Agreement sets out terms and conditions for nomination that relate to implementing your business proposal. The agreement identifies key steps and milestones in establishing the proposed business, such as incorporating a company, leasing a building, buying and installing equipment, obtaining permits, and hiring employees. These key steps and milestones MUST be included in your business plan.
BC provides a Letter of Support for a visa
The BC PNP will give you a letter of support for a 2-year federal visa. The visa will allow you to work legally in Canada while you implement your business proposal. You must submit your application for a visa to the appropriate CIC visa office within 60 days of the date on the BC PNP’s support letter.

We will be glad to assess your qualifications for immigrating to Canada for business pathways, at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Simple Assessment Form, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment. All inquiries are confidential.

EB-5 Visa

EB-5 visa applicants are typically required to make either a $500,000 or $1 million capital investment amount into a U.S. commercial enterprise. The EB-5 investment can take the form of cash, inventory, equipment, secured indebtedness, tangible property, or cash equivalents and is valuated based on U.S. dollar fair-market value.

The investor may invest in his or her own commercial enterprise or in a commercial enterprise owned by other parties. The investor may also choose to invest in a pre-approved "regional center". Regional centers are government-approved entities in designated geographical areas for which USCIS has determined that investments will create the necessary 10 jobs per investor, whether directly or indirectly. Virtually all of the regional centers contain geographical areas where $500,000 is the required amount of investment.

The firms EB-5 practice team works with developers and business owners on options available for developing new projects that qualify for EB-5 investments, either based on individual EB-5 petitions or through new or existing regional centers. Where appropriate, we file applications for new regional centers and exemplar petitions for new regional center projects. We also counsel foreign nationals on the advantages and disadvantages of individual and regional center EB-5 petitions as compared with other immigration options. On individual EB-5 petitions, we work with corporate and tax counsel on structuring commercial enterprises that comply with the EB-5 regulations. On all cases, the team works with the foreign national on documenting the lawful source of investment funds. The end result is the filing of an individual or regional center EB-5 petition with substantial documentation. Finally, the firms EB-5 practice team also works with its foreign national clients on filing the application for conditional permanent residency, the condition removal petition and ultimately, where requested, an application for naturalization to U.S. citizenship.

We invite you to complete the Simple Assessment Form here, and call us to set up an in office consultation that is reserved just for you!

The self-employed category is specifically designed for those who are currently earning a living, and able to support themselves, in the areas of athletics, arts and culture, or agriculture. This would include: musicians, artists and performing artists who are prominent in their fields, music teachers, choreographers; in athletics: athletes, coaches; in agriculture: farmers and farm managers.

We will be glad to assess your qualifications for immigrating to Canada as a Self-Employed Applicant, at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Simple Assessment Form, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment. All inquiries are confidential.

We are pleased to offer to our corporate clients a full range of immigration services to support your business needs.

  • NAFTA Work Permits
  • Temporary Foreign Work Permits
  • Intercompany Transferees: Management, Executives, Specialized Knowledge workers
  • HRDC Labour Market Opinion Confirmation: Validation letters to allow you to hire a foreign national
  • Extensions: Renewals of Temporary Foreign Worker permits
  • Work and Study permits for family members of intercompany transferees

We have a very high success rate in obtaining NAFTA Professional Work Permits, and regular Work Permits that require ESDC-HRSDC confirmation letters for our Foreign National clients, and work hard to ensure that all the HRSDC requirements are met to obtain a successful Labour Market Impact Assessment letter, having demonstrated that there is a labour market shortage in the area that you are recruiting for. We will be glad to assess your qualifications for corporate immigrating to Canada, at no cost or obligation to you.

We invite you to complete the Simple Assessment Form here, and call us to set up an in office consultation that is reserved just for you!

On January 1, 2015 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) launched the new Express Entry (EE) Program.

This is a new and exciting approach to immigration, and it is based on a Human Capital model. Your age, education, language skills, professional work experience, and many other factors will be examined, and each criteria will be given a ranking score - the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

It is really important to remember that this is not a new way of qualifying to immigrate. You still need to qualify in one of the main categories: most often the Federal Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class. It is however a new process for stepping forward, and being seen by CIC. It is more critical now than ever to have professional guidance in putting your best foot forward, and knowing all of the criteria from the beginning.

Here are some highlights of the new program:

  • You must first qualify in one of the main immigration categories such as the Federal Skilled Worker or the Canadian Experience Class
  • You must have completed an English or French language proficiency test and have your scores available
  • You must have your Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) completed and report in hand
  • No occupations list for the first time in over 6 years!
  • Once the Express Entry application is successfully submitted, CIC will select candidates using the Comprehensive Ranking System, and if chosen you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Candidates will have only 60 days to apply for Permanent Residence after receiving an ITA. You must be ready to go when called on!
  • Candidates can improve their scores by registering on the Job Bank with Service Canada, and having a job offer with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA – LMO)
  • Employers will be able to search your profile via the Job Bank, and if they offer you work through Job Matching, and get an LMIA for you, you will receive an Invitation to Apply
  • Misrepresentation – even accidentally misstating your qualifications or other error, will result in an applicant being banned for five years from applying again

Please fill out our Simple Assessment Form and we will get back to you promptly.

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is the backbone of Canadian immigration. For the first time in over six years, there will be no restricted occupations list, or cap to limit the number of candidates. The Canadian Government’s intention is to attract over 180,000 candidates worldwide, and the competition will be fierce.

Here is a brief summary of what you need to know:

  • You have worked in an occupation in the NOC 0, A or B categories for at least one year in the past 10
  • You must qualify fully in this program under the assessment grid and points system based on your age, education, work history, and other adaptability factors, with a current passmark of 67
  • You must have your Education Credentials Assessment done and in your hand prior to applying
  • You must have your English or French Language proficiency test done and completed, with scores (not older than 2 years from application date) in hand
  • Dependent children under the age of 19 (on date of application) are eligible to be included
  • You will be required to have settlement funds for your arrival
  • You must not have any serious health issues, or a criminal record that would make you inadmissible to Canada
  • If you qualify in the FSW program with a passmark of 67 or higher, you may then apply to be considered using the Express Entry (EE) protocol
  • If you are chosen in the EE protocol, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and you will have exactly 60 days to submit a complete perfected application and all supporting documents
  • Having a passmark of 67 and applying for EE does not mean you will be chosen, as you will be ranked among ALL of the applicants who have entered the EE pool, and those with the highest CRS scores will be chosen first

Finding out that you qualify in the Federal Skilled Worker category is just the beginning of your journey to immigrating to Canada. Having skilled, caring expert coaches from start to end should be your number one priority.

We would love to be of service to you in this, and invite you to fill out our Simple Assessment Form to start.

Labour Market Impact Assessments LMIA’s – formerly known as Labour Market Opinions (LMOs), the prerequisite for Work Permits for Temporary Foreign Workers

Similarly, candidates abroad interested in immigrating, and International students whose Post Grad work permits are due to expire, need to know how to have their employer ‘sponsor’ them via the Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA process (previously known as LMOs).

We can help you navigate this complex and exacting process, from the initial screening to see if the position and candidate is eligible for an LMIA, to drafting the ad and job description, salary positioning, to the full application for an LMIA.

Upon successful issuance, we can then assist the foreign worker on how best get his Work Permit in the fastest way possible. This is a volatile program, and not for the meek or unprepared. You will require expert guidance in an LMIA application.

We invite you to complete the Simple Assessment Form here, and call us to set up an in office consultation that is reserved just for you!

We can help you in getting the necessary Work Permits, HRSDC authorization or NAFTA Work Permit after you have found an employer who wants to make you a job offer. Those born in the U.S. or Mexico may be exempt from the HRSDC process under NAFTA, and we will assess this when working with you. Please note we do not find jobs for applicants. We assist with all of the Immigration work after the applicant has been in contact with an employer directly. and has been made a job offer.

The Work Permit process is often misunderstood by potential applicants, as they think that a third party can find jobs for foreign nationals and get them Work Permits, or that they can arrive as visitors and automatically ‘upgrade’ to a work permit, and that is not realistic at all.

Canada Immigration does not usually offer open work permits, allowing you (the foreign national) to work anywhere. They are always employer specific, tied to you and one employer who you have approached and that the employer has offered a job that they could not fill with a Canadian candidate. These positions of course by nature must be reasonably technical and highly skilled (in the O, A or B band of the National Classification of Occupations), and you as the candidate having the required education to support the position.

Applicants may only want to work temporarily in Canada, and others who have already applied to Canada Immigration as Skilled Workers, will benefit from the additional points that are often critical to the success of their application.

Not every occupation will qualify for a Work Permit, so please feel free to complete the Simple Assessment Form

We invite you to join our ever-growing family of delighted Canadians (citizens and Permanent Residents) who we have helped bring their spouses, common-law and conjugal partners and loved ones home to Canada. MBC has been proud to provide sensitive, caring professional immigration services to the community worldwide. We are passionate about seeing our clients approved and united with their partner as fast as possible.

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal (opposite and same-sex) partner, their dependent children, and parents and grandparents.

There are demanding requirements to be met in every family sponsorship application. No two applications are alike. Our approach is tailored to your personal circumstances, and we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the smoothest and fastest processing possible. There is no need to worry about the complex and seemingly contradictory rules and regulations. Once you visit us, you can relax with confidence that you are in good hands.

We provide you with the professional guidance and direction needed. Our personal service covers every detail of the application process, helping you avoid common errors and omissions. Our extraordinary success rate and friendly knowledgeable service is what keeps clients referring their friends and family to us year after year.

Please fill out our Simple Assessment Form and we will get back to you promptly.

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is designed to allow international students and temporary foreign workers who have one year of work in Canada to apply to become Permanent Residents of Canada. From January 1, 2015, you will need to qualify fully in this program, and also apply in the Express Entry (EE) protocol. This is different than in prior years, when you were allowed to apply directly into the CEC program. Now you must compete with a broad range of candidates in other programs where you will be ranked and selected and then invited to apply. Having a perfect first step application is now essential to even be chosen for the second round where only then will you be allowed to apply for permanent residence.

The Canadian Experience Class should be of interest to any temporary Foreign Worker in Canada now, or international student who has studied here and worked in Canada for one year after graduating. For international students who are soon to graduate, at this stage in your Canadian Immigration journey, it is important that you make the right career choices, and to understand the recent changes to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program that show there are more changes to come that may impact your ability to qualify in future. You will need to understand the next most important step, that of choosing the right job in the right NOC (National Occupation Code) level, and to take the correct language proficiency test. Also, if you need to potentially extend your work permit by having your employer ‘sponsor’ you in the LMIA process, you will need to know what your employer should be aware of in advance, so that they will be willing to help you.

If you have already worked in Canada for one year, or will come up to that date within the next few months, you may qualify now.

80% of our recent inquiries in this category are all reapplications, where the client filed on their own and was refused on the smallest of technicality for a detail they missed. You cannot afford to have this happen to you, especially since being disqualified in the EE round will then prevent you from applying again for a full year, or worse, see you banned from applying for 5 years if CIC feels you misrepresented any important fact.

You can also call us to set up an in office consultation, or for those not near our offices, we can book a phone or Skype consultation as well. We hope we will get a chance to meet soon in person or phone, and look forward to being of service to you in making your immigration journey a success.

Please fill out our Simple Assessment Form and we will get back to you promptly.

Students come from all over the world to study in Canada, and many stay on to work and live and raise a family after. Whether you wish to attend a short English course, or full time University or College program, we can help you with your initial Study Permit, extensions of an existing Study Permit, or your post-graduate work permit (and application for Permanent Residence too!)

If you would like our help, we can assess your qualifications for obtaining this temporary visa (or its renewal) at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Simple Assessment Form, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment.

Most visitors to Canada are granted six months from the date of their arrival, and their passport bears a simple stamp from the Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry. The visitor is then expected to leave on or before the end of the six month period. Sometimes however there are valid reasons to extend your stay, and then you need to get approval to do so. This approval is important, as it allows you to remain with legal status, and leaves your options open for future return visits, or applying for Permanent Residence at some future date.

If you would like our help, we can assess your qualifications for obtaining this temporary visa (or its renewal) at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Simple Assessment Form here, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment.

Applying for your first card, renewals, and appeals for residency challenges abroad

Canadian Permanent Residents who wish to travel abroad are required to have a valid Permanent Residence (PR) Card to be able to establish their identity at the Port of Entry and to re-enter Canada. The PR Card is valid for a five year period. We can assist you in the process of obtaining your card for the first time, or apply to extend your current one.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time outside of Canada since landing, especially in the past 5 years, you may need special counseling prior to applying to extend your PR Card. If your card has already expired, and you are outside of Canada, you need to know your rights! You would need to apply to get a Travel Document to reenter Canada, and at that point the Embassy or Visa Office abroad may make the decision to revoke your Permanent Residence status. It is strongly recommended you consult with us prior to taking any action so you know your rights. You will also want to know if and how an appeal can be made, if you are eligible.

Please fill out our Simple Assessment Form so we can assess your ability to obtain your Permanent Resident Card.

Canadian Citizenship is the end of a long journey. After you are approved to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) and have lived here for a period of 4years within the past 6 years ( recently changed from 3 years present in the past 4), you may qualify to become a Canadian citizen. Those who have lived in Canada prior to their landing date may qualify for a credit of time, shortening the waiting period.

Once you become a full citizen, you are able to vote, hold office and get jobs that are reserved only for citizens, and travel for long periods of time, with the ability to always be able to come home to Canada. It is well worth your while to apply now, if you qualify.

We have assisted numerous people over the years with both simple and complex Citizenship cases, and are always delighted when our clients complete their journey to full Canadian Citizenship. We are here to help you, and look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to apply. And just think, you won’t have to reapply for another Permanent Resident Card every five years. That is reward enough for most!

Please fill out our Simple Assessment Form so we can assess your ability to obtain your Canadian Citizenship.

Sponsorship refusals, detentions, residency obligation challenges, citizenship Residence Questionnaires

Having a spousal sponsorship application refused is heartbreaking. Getting arrested and detained in an immigration detention centre is no joy ride. Having your dreams of living in Canada dashed by having your Travel Document refused so as to renew your Permanent Resident Card at a visa office abroad can change the direction of your future.

Immigration tribunal hearing rooms are not for the unprepared. You will want a strong advocate working for you. We will help you know what your rights are, and your options and eligibility to appeal to challenge or prevent an unfair or unjust decision against you. You will want expert counsel who is also caring and compassionate to your personal circumstances.

Please call or email us today to discuss your personal circumstances, so you can relax knowing that you are in good hands, and your interests will be properly represented.


Canada seeks to help those who are in danger of torture or cruel treatment, or whose lives are at risk by offering asylum to those with legitimate claims and need for protection. Our role is to provide caring and sensitive support to the refugee claimant in every way possible, and provide the best representation in their application for Refugee Protection in Canada. Please note that we are only able to assist refugee applicants who are able to arrive in Canada, as we regrettably are not equipped to work with clients who are unable to travel to Canada.

The claimant must face a substantial danger of torture, a risk to their life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, not faced by everyone in their country, and not part of lawful sanctions or inadequate health / medical care. They must be unable or unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country, and are fearful of returning to their own country. They must not be safe in any part of their country.

Canada uses a definition of Refugee from the 1951 Geneva Convention, which states a refugee is someone who is outside their home country and has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for one of the Refugee Convention grounds: race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Canada also allows claims on the basis of persecution for gender or sexual orientation.

If you feel that you need to make a refugee claim, and are already in Canada or are able to travel to Canada (to the metro Toronto Ontario area, to allow us to represent you at your hearings) please complete the following Simple Assessment Form so that we can review your situation at no cost or obligation to you. All inquiries are confidential.

Humanitarian & Compassionate

Humanitarian and Compassionate applications are unique, in that they have the ability to cover special circumstances where the applicant is often in Canada already, and would face undue hardship if required to apply for Immigration in their home country. Often they are unable to leave Canada for reasons beyond their control. Their stories and circumstances are as unique as the individuals themselves, and each one needs to be handled with care. We start with lots of listening, and invite you to tell us your story.

If you feel that you might have reasons to make an application under Humanitarian and Compassionate ground, please complete the following brief Simple Assessment Form so that we can review your situation at no cost or obligation to you. All inquiries are confidential.

MBC professional and legal fees guideline.